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Trailer for “The Raw Amalgamated”

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“Th/FFP” trailer. from milan delVecchio on Vimeo.

Milan DelVecchio has created a great film utilizing the works in Thunder-Sky, Inc.’s new exhibit, “Out of Order: Paintings & Other Creations by David Jarred & Kevin White.” The exhibit opens with a reception 6 to 10 pm on February 26, 2010. At 7, we will be screening the movie for the first time.


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Here’s a new sign that Antonio Adams made for the space under Thunder-Sky, Inc.’s gallery. We have an ongoing Saturday program (1 to 5 pm) where anyone interested can come and make art. Plus, during openings of Thunder-Sky, Inc. exhibits, we’ll do “spillover” shows of work by different artists.

OUT OF ORDER: Don’t believe the hype

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Thanks Dan Leesman for spreading the joy. Be on the lookout for The Next Wave. OUT OF ORDER opens February 26, 2010 with a reception 6 to 10 pm, THUNDER-SKY, INC. 4573Hamilton Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45240. 513 823-8914. See you there.

Raymond and the Banks Project

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I keep thinking what Raymond would do with all this. How he would haunt the area, ghostly and focused, peering through the chainlink fence, silently becoming every construction-worker’s friend. Watching over it and analyzing it all into his own dream. This is the stage when huge construction projects (like this one, the downtown Cincinnati Banks Project) have so much potential and raw beauty it seems like a vast sociological experiment. Maybe even a spiritual one. Definitely an aesthetic one. Raymond understood the strange, cruel loveliness of concrete, wire, flattened earth, people gathering to turn nothing into something, a place about to transform into apartment-buildings and parking garages and stores. But the irony and somehow too the joy of the whole enterpirse is that whatever happens on the site will never be as beautiful as what is inside your head at the moment you first see everyone busily preparing for Utopia.


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