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The Last Picture Show

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We were in Atlanta GA at Folkfest last weekend, and had a pretty good time.  We’ve decided though that this is going to be the last festival we go to for a while.  It takes so much work and energy that by the end of the three days you feel like you’ve worked at a convenience store non-stop for 72 hours.  I love the idea of booths of odd art lining wall after wall inside a large building, and also the idea of all kinds of different artists taking control of their destinies and setting up shop and selling whatever they can however they can.  At the end of the day, though, it just feels exhausting to me.  I think we’re going to concentrate on projects that maybe aren’t completely about commerce, but about figuring out how to legitimize Raymond’s legacy without loading up a vanload of stuff, driving 9 hours, unloading, installing, manning a booth, hoping for the best, and then having to un-install, reload the van, drive another 9 hours.  And so on.
So thanks to everyone who came by our booth.  And who purchased art.  And who listened to us and picked up info about Thunder-Sky, Inc.

But last weekend was our last road-show for a while…

Some of the Art We’re Featuring at Slotin Folkfest This Year

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Antonio Adams’ logo for the “Hard Knocks” exhibit at Thunder-Sky, Inc.; this year we are taking a “mobile unit” of a show we’ve had in the gallery since June.  It features over 30 self-taught artists from around the world.  The “mobile unit” at Folkfest will feature a summarized version of the full-on “Hard Knocks” experience. 
Below are some of the work we’re taking…

Drawings by Brad Robert Benford; center soft sculpture by Andrew Pace

David Rizzo’s sister and niece standing in front of his work

Robert McFate

Leigh Cooney

Jason Taylor

Doug Korfhagen

Ian Piper

Jansen Taylor

Norma Barnes


4573 Hamilton Avenue Cincinnati, Ohio 45223
Hours: Saturday/Sunday 1 to 4 pm, or by appointment.

(513) 426-0477 |

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