“Art of Destruction”

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October is a major busy month for us.  Here’s a brief rundown:

October 7:  “Spaghetti Western” (see “Everyday Italian” blogpost below) opens as a part of “ Cincinnati Dreams Italy” at Taft Museum.
October 7:  Doug Korfhagen is including artwork from Thunder-Sky, Inc. in a show at Southgate House
October 22:  “Diirect Contact: Self-made Pop” opens at Bromwell’s Gallery on 4th Street downtown Cincinnati with reception 6-10, and runs through the end of the year.  On October 27, we’re screening the Thunder-Sky feature-length documentary there at 7 pm. 
October 28:  “Entertainment Tonight!” featuring works by artists Ran Banaclo and Larry Cocklin

Also on October 22 and 23, we’re involved in this gig:

Our part will be “Art of Destruction,” a hands-on display featuring a wrecking ball created by Happen, Inc. last year, which can be used to destroy a huge city of cardboard-box buildings we’ve been working on in the studio for a while.  Pictures above.  We’re also going to be showing some of Raymond’s more destructive drawings.  Should be fun.

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