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Works by Antonio Adams

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“Marcus Feisel,” mixed media, 2008, Antonio Adams

“Turn the Negative into Positive 4,” acylic on wood panel (2′ X 4′), 2008, Antonio Adams

“Escape Your Way Out of This Mess,” acrylic on wood panel (2′ X 4′), 2008, Antonio Adams

“George Harrison,” mixed media, 2008, Antonio Adams

“There’s a Circus on the Corner of the Street,” marker on paper, (2.5′ X 3.45′), in collaobration with Raymond Thunder-Sky, Antonio Adams

“World without Cellphones,” acrylic on wood panel, (3′ X 6′), 2008/2009, Antonio Adams

“World Domination, Part 1,” acrylic on wood panel, (2′ X 4′), 2011, Antonio Adams

“Anna Nichol Smith,” mixed media, 2008, Antonio Adams

“Reverse Psychology” Opens Last Friday in April

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We are completely excited about our next gig:  “Reverse Psychology:  Katherine Michael and David Rizzo.”  Katherine is from Florida, and David is from around here.  Their works have a commonality and a disparity that gives the show a metaphysical crunch.  David’s paintings and drawings have an interstellar, Space Oddity flourish, while Katherine’s folk/pop paintings and drawings provide absurdly divine and divinely absurd pleasures.  Placed together each of their works reverse the other’s aesthetic psychologies and create weird, flaky, spirited diversions.  Just what we want with the shows we’re doing.  April 29 2012 is the reception, 6 to 10 pm.  Show up and go in reverse. 


4573 Hamilton Avenue Cincinnati, Ohio 45223
Hours: Saturday/Sunday 1 to 4 pm, or by appointment.

(513) 426-0477 |

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