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Static Motiffe

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Antonio Adams’ “Unrealized and Unforeseen” one-person show opens August 24, 2012, and closes october 12, 2012.  It’s an amazing display of visual intelligence:  the story is about turning the world upside down, and yet the art has a cohesiveness and polish that makes the whole exterprise feel predestined.  Antonio uses color-bars and static as part of a televisual symphony.  He’s celebrating what’s on TV when nothing is on TV.  Which might be the main theme of the show.


The Devil and The Master

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“Unrealized and Unforeseen:  New Works by Antonio Adams” opens August 24, 2012 with a reception 6 to 10 pm.   The exhibit closes October 12, 2012.   This is Thunder-Sky, Inc. Artist-in-Residence Adams (his self protrait is on the bottom above) first one-person show since 2009.  He has been working on the concept for over a year, creating an epic portfolio of artworks in which famous celebrities get “unrealized” (meaning returned to non-celebrity status), while unfamous folks (people Adams has selected from his everyday life) become major celebrities in his own personal cosmos.  The media include paintings, drawings, sculptures, and photographs.  We will also be publishing a glossy, full-color catalog documenting both the exhibit and the work and concept behind it.  Born in Cincinnati in 1981, Adams has been drawing, painting and creating since he was a little boy. Now his work is collected internationally.  He is one of the co-founders of Visionaries + Voices, an arts organization for artists with disabilities in Cincinnati, as well as Thunder-Sky, Inc., an outsider art gallery also in Cincinnati.  His sculptures, paintings and drawings have been featured at The Contemporary Art Center (Cincinnati), The Cincinnati Art Museum, Base Gallery, Visionaries + Voices, the Pittsburgh Folk Art Exhibit and Symposium, the Outsider Art Fair in New York City, University of Cincinnati Gallery, Country Club Gallery (Cincinnati and Los Angeles), and In the Gallery (Nashville, Tennessee). His art was featured last fall in an exhibition at the Museum of Everything in London, England.
Under-Sky, Inc.:  In the basement of Thunder-Sky, Inc. we’ll also be presenting a second show, titled “Monsters of the World: Drawings by Andrew Cole.” Cole (his devil drawing is on top) lives in Princeton, New Jersey (he’s a professor at Princeton University), but he has roots here in Ohio (he received his Master’s Degree at Miami University in Oxford).  As well, Cole was a friend of Raymond Thunder-Sky.  The drawings we’re showing are from when he was a boy, on notebook paper saved in three-ring binders:  blockbuster daydreams, movie stills from major motion pictures in his head. Upstairs:  Antonio Adams, downstairs: Andrew Cole. Both shows have a celebratory flair and a sense of how pop culture shapes the way you see life and what you want out of it.


Ghost Story

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These are three photos from a photo-shoot (thanks to David Rosenthal of Prairie Gallery, as well as Christine and Bob Sheadler) that happened last week outside a vast construction site here in Cincinnati, near downtown.  This is a holy site in the Raymond Thunder-Sky gospel:  a huge spectacular construction site, the home of a soon-to-be spectacle, a casino.  If Raymond were still alive, he would be there right now, drawing.  Thunder-Sky, Inc. Artists-in-Residence Antonio Adams and Michael Weber were the models:  Michael dressed in a Raymond outfit, Antonio in his Raymond-inspired garb.  It was a morning shoot, and the whole world seemed like a ghost-story right then, as Raymond’s spirit was conjured.  The resulting photograph (captured through a process known as camera-obscura) will be in a show at Prairie Gallery opening September 8, 2012, part of Fotofocus, a community-wide photography iniative here in Cincinnati.


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