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“Camera-Shy: Photographs and an Installation” Feature Raymond Thunder-Sky Works Alongside other Photographers

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As a part of FotoFocus, the Cincinnati-wide showcase of photography, Thunder-Sky, Inc. presents “Camera-Shy:  Photographs and an Installation,” featuring photographic works by Raymond Thunder-Sky, Cincinnati-based artists Mary Annette Pember and Eric Deller, as well as England-based Matthue Trikx. “Camera-Shy” opens October 26, 2012, reception 6 to 10 pm.  Show closes December 8, 2012.  From the 70s on into the 2000s, unconventional artist Thunder-Sky took a lot of Polaroid pictures of demolition/construction sites both here in Cincinnati and in Chicago. Think of them as studies for the drawings. Thunder-Sky, Inc. will be showing a number of these Polaroids, like this one on the right.  A New York Times and Washington Post photo-journalist whose work often focuses on Native American issues (below on the left), Pember will be building a “wigwam” inside Thunder-Sky, Inc. that will house two screens displaying photos of her mother.  Another screen will display other Pember photos capturing the lives and struggles of contemporary Native Americans.  Deller will be presenting photographs of people in costumes, and Trikx’s photographic works flaunt Photoshop and other techniques that rearrange and transform common images into extraordinary ones.  All of these artists share aspects of Thunder-Sky, Inc.’s namesake’s identity and imagination:  costumes, a sense of dry humor, the public mundane transformed into personal totems, and an interest in ancestral history all make up a part of Thunder-Sky’s aesthetic and philosophical universe and legacy.


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