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Beyond a Building

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A bunch of great people met on Friday to help us figure out the future for Thunder-Sky, Inc.  Thanks to Mary, Emily, Kathy, Pam, Drew, Mike, Christina, Kyle, Antonio, and Tim for being a part of this initial future plan.  We basically concentrated on two questions:  WHAT MAKES YOU WANT TO BE A PART OF RAYMOND’S LEGACY?  and  WHAT DO YOU SEE AS THUNDER-SKY, INC.’S FUTURE?   We got some amazing answers, as you can see below.  We’ll be doing more gatherings like this throughout 2013, and at every opening reception at the gallery…  The main idea is trying organize and sustain the project while keeping the way Raymond lived his life in mind…

Stay tuned…

Thunder-Sky, Inc. First Three Years

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Random photos of the our first 3 years doing Raymond-inspired exhibits, programs and parties.  We’re imagining the next 3 years this Friday October 19, 2012 from 5:30 to 7:30 pm at Thunder-Sky…  Beer and snacks included…

“Apocalypse Now” at Semantics Gallery

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Thunder-Sky, Inc.’s “Apocalypse” at Semantics


“Apocalypse Now:  New Works by Antonio Adams, Emily Brandehoff & Marc Lambert” opens November 3, 2012 with a reception 7 pm to 11 pm at Semantics Gallery, 1107 Harrison Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45214.  Curated by Thunder-Sky, Inc.’s Bill Ross, “Apocalypse Now” surveys both Utopian and Dystopian views of a future about to happen right now.  Works by Adams and Brandehoff, mostly paintings, depict a zombie-fueled nightmare, while Lambert’s sleek, retro paintings narrate a clean, sleek sci-fi universe in which the only inhabitants seem to be astronauts on their way to work.


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