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Thunder-Sky, Inc. 2015: Mission Creep

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In 2015, Thunder-Sky, Inc. keeps creeping along, with exhibits that hone in on what it means to be outside of the regular world and loving it. Raymond Thunder-Sky’s mission was to be a part of the city on his own terms, and he did so while also finding inspiration, and triumph, on its periphery. The 2015 shows we’ve pulled together celebrate that sense of ongoing exploration and workmanlike dedication to being exactly who you are, without reservation or apology. January 9, 2015 opening reception 6 to 10 pm, closing February 13, 2015:  “Behavior Caused by Joy:  Michael Weber.”  Thunder-Sky, Inc. Artist-in-Residence and Cincinnati Contemporary Art Center Gallery Attendant Michael Weber has his first one-man show, featuring his beautifully colored abstract works, many inspired by his trip to Japan.  February 28, 2015, opening reception 6 to 10 pm, closing April 10, 2015:  “Makeshift:  New Works by Vincent Gray, Dale Jackson, Patricia Murphy, and Ricky Walker.”  Three different kinds of artists take patterns of language, image and text and reinvent what they are supposed to mean.  April 24, 2015, opening reception 6 to 10 pm, closing June 12, 2015: “Any Given Day:  New Works by Steve Paddock and Avril Thurmon.”  Indianapolis-based Paddock, and Cincinnati-based Thurmon, work through a surreptitious system of images and codes that somehow culminate into visual and sometimes disturbing poetry. June 26, 2015, opening reception 6 to 10 pm, closing August 14, 2015:  “History Channel:  New Art from Old Art.”  Insideout Studio in Hamilton, Ohio (along with a few other artists from the area) take on art history, and reimagine/reinterpret masterpieces on their own terms.August 28, 2015, opening reception 6 to 10 pm, closing October 16, 2015:  “The Goodwill Biennial.” A group of local curators plucks through art that has been given away, to produce a show of orphaned paintings, sculptures, etc. finding a new home at Thunder-Sky, Inc.  October 30, 2015, opening reception 6 to 10 pm, closing December 18, 2015:  “Used Lumber Sale:  Under-Sky Sneaks Upstairs.”  Every Saturday a bunch of artists show up to make stuff in the basement of the gallery.  It’s called “Under-Sky,” and this show is about selling some of the work.  First come, first serve.  Great prices.   You buy it you take it.


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