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MAKESHIFT: New Show Opens February 28, 2015

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“Makeshift:  New Works by Vincent Gray, Dale Jackson, Patricia Murphy, and Ricky Walker” is one of those shows I totally look forward to at Thunder-Sky, Inc. because I don’t think it could happen anywhere else in town — maybe the universe.  We totally strive to find ways to reconfigure the way art galleries are supposed to be, and the way art shows are supposed to look, so here it is, a show made up of wonderfully disparate visions and focal points, a wide range of demographics, styles, approaches, and we want to take all of that and make a weird little symphony out of it, without losing the wide-ranging weirdness and the particular visions of each artist.  Dale makes art from words; he uses what he hears as a sort of wall-paper to block out meaning and yet also decorate with it.  His word-pictures have a finality and drama and humor no other art does.  He seems focused on language without wanting to know what language is doing, and by doing that he gets rid of the need to talk.  Vince uses pointillism, a style from late 19th Century France, to depict all kinds of vignettes, moments, iconography that both breaks away from that approach and absorbs.  His paintings are funky and also finessed.  Patricia, a graduate of the art academy and a poet as well, uses space and form in ways that revise the way we are supposed to look at things; her sculptures and other works feel both timeless and fragile.  This is Ricky’s first show (one of his works is pictured above).  He draws on 81/2 X 11 pieces of copy-paper, with crayon, the same thing over and over, boxy and urgent, but also somehow soothing, ever-present.  Why the title “Makeshift”?  The sound of it more than the meaning:  art is about making, and shifting the way things are made.  Check all this out last Saturday in February.



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Hours: Saturday/Sunday 1 to 4 pm, or by appointment.

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