Thunder-Sky, Inc. 2017: GROUPTHINK

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Every exhibition season we tend to choose a theme.  2017’s thematic just kind of happened accidentally, though, in a wonderful little bit of serendipity.  It turns out every exhibit people pitched to us, or we came up with on our own, is about groups of artists coming together to think and work through a variety of subjects and topics that truly reflect Mr. Thunder-Sky’s instincts and obsessions.  Enjoy…

“Thunder-Snow:  Artists Remember the Blizzard of 1978,” January 7, 2017 (opening reception 6 to 10 pm) – February 4, 2017.  Artists from across the area recover memories of the 1978 blizzard that blanketed the region, a multi-media exercise in aesthetic cabin-fever.

“Moonlight Madness,” February 11, 2017 (opening reception 6 to 10 pm) – March 31, 2017.  Curated by Thunder-Sky, Inc. Artist-in-Residence Emily Brandehoff.  Artists reclaim discarded prints and paintings (from thrift-stores and other sources) and reimagine them with their own materials and images.

“Otherwise:  Keith Benjamin, Ben Clark, and Richard Emery Nickolson” April 8, 2017 (opening reception 6 to 10 pm) – June 2, 2017.  Benjamin, a professor at the Cincinnati Art Academy, Clark, a self-taught artist from Hamilton, Ohio, and Nickolson, Professor Emeritus from Herron School of Art and Design, make works that stand alone as personal totems of moments from their lives.  Their works exhibited side by side by side reveal the poetic connections among disparate imaginations.

“Pop Press,” June 10, 2017 (opening reception 6 to 10 pm) – August 4, 2017.  Scott Bruno, Creative Director at b graphic design, has amassed a large number of interesting and bizarre news clippings and other ephemera throughout the years, including personal ads like this, “DEAR RAY, Remember our first date?  I smelled fried chicken.  I was overmedicated several months after our daughter died.  Call me, babe.”  Bruno is pairing up a select group of artists with these bits and pieces of eclectic information as prompts for a variety of works that survey strangeness by beginning with the strange.

“The Master of Loyalty Is in the Gallery Tonight:  Art about Antonio Adams,” August 12, 2017 (opening reception 6 to 10 pm) – October 6, 2017.  Pique Gallery (Covington, KY) co-owner and curator Lindsey Whittle curates works by a variety of artists inspired by local genius (and Thunder-Sky, Inc. Artist-in-Residence) Antonio Adams.

“Lay Off Me I’m Starving:  Aesthetic Reponses to Chris Farley,” October 14, 2017 (opening reception 6 to 10 pm) – December 29, 2017.  Commemorating the 20th anniversary of Chris Farley’s death (12/18/1997), “Lay Off Me I’m Starving” invites artists from the region to contemplate Farley’s legacy as bombastic, slapstick clown, perennial people-pleaser, and tragic genius.  On the exact date of his passing, we will be sponsoring a reading of literary works about him, as well as screen Tommy Boy, to close the show.

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