“Charlottesville” in Reverse

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“Charlottesville: Works by Thomas Condon and Charlotte McGraw” opens Saturday 2/23/19 at Thunder-Sky, Inc. with a reception 6 – 10 pm.

The title comes from Charlotte McGraw’s painstaking collaged/painted/drawn works that detail a “Charlottesville” that isn’t about the 2017 “Unite the Right” rally that ended in bloodshed and division. In fact, Charlotte’s revision of that whole milieu is the point. Not an erasure but a collection of works that try to get at politics and decency without reverting to division, to stereotypes, to platitudes.

Thomas’ work as well has a mysterious and poetic ambiance, sculptures and other media put to use in a variety of cryptic yet somehow specific-because-they-are-cryptic ways. Like Charlotte, Thomas finds lyricism in the wasteland of politics and rants. Both artists create universes that transcend commonalities while embracing reality.

This is “Charlotteville” in reverse, created by 2 artists with almost nothing and yet everything in common. The essence of a “Thunder-Sky” show.

Hang out with Saturday and see…

Thomas Condon
Charlotte McGraw

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