“Call and Response” Opens June 15, 2019 at Thunder-Sky, Inc.

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CALL AND RESPONSE: Antonio Adams and John D. Ross. Opening June 15, 2019, reception 6 – 10 pm. Show closes July 31, 2019.  Ross is an artist living in Indianapolis; Adams is the Thunder-Sky, Inc. Artist in Residence. They met each other recently, and now are creating works in response to each other’s oeuvre. Ross is a master of many media,  but the works in this show are sculptures created from blocks of wood with a chainsaw.  Adams, another master of multi-media, is responding to Ross’s work through drawings and paintings.  The resulting exhibit will focus on how aesthetics thrive in response to someone else’s impulses and inspirations.

Work by John Ross
Antonio Adams working on his response

Join us for a celebration of these 2 artists June 15, 2019.  More info for Ross: www.johnrossart.com.  Check out Adams’ work on Instagram, Facebook, and:  http://raymondthundersky.org/2012/08/.

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